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End of Life Plan Form Request

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If you don’t think about and choose what you want for your dying and death experience, who will make those choices for you?

If you don’t communicate your wishes to the people who need to know and empower someone who will advocate on your behalf, how will your wishes be honoured?

Most of us have heard the horror stories of families fighting about what their loved one would really want because there was nothing in writing.

The dying and death experiences are sacred and much too important to leave to chance with decisions made by people who don’t know your wishes.

The free End of Life Plan Form allows for you to document your wishes that you can share with your loved ones.  It also aids in reducing possible disputes and eases the grieving process for your loved ones.

When I first received your email I thought OK well this does not apply to me as I have no intention of dying for at least 100 years as I have far to much I need to do first.

But what I can say is that it really opened up a space where I could sit and discuss with my partner (and family would be better) my thoughts and wishes that are covered in the document. Until now I had given it practically no consideration. What was highlighted in particular for me was the fact that if I were to die tomorrow my family would have absolutely no idea (besides my organ donor tick on my drivers licence) about my wishes. For this reason I think that this is a valuable lesson, if in the very least it puts up for open discussion the topic of illness and death.

I thought it was wonderful, something everyone should do, with their families so that it is all out in the open.

Andrea Robinson



Complete the form above to receive a FREE copy of the End of Life Plan Form.

Home Study Course

Have some guidance in completing your End of Life Plan Form in your own home.

Coming soon – watch this space


Work through the End of Life Plan Form and other related discussions in a supportive and collaborative group environment.

Personal Support

Receive 1:1 attention to complete your End of Life Plan Form and your advance health care wishes in this half day session in your home.

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